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            Sky Power, Campus Line - 2018 Campus Recruitment Ends Successfully

            November 6th to 11th

            Lasting for a week
            "Tianqiang" campus line
            Cum Guangdong Zhongtian Group 2018 Campus Recruitment
            Grand lectures at Sun Yat-Sen University, Jinan University, and South China Agricultural University
            Over 500 students who are envious of the future
            Gathered here
            Ignited the warm autumn campus


            This campus recruitment presentation will be held in the three universities of Zhongda, Cida and Huanong on November 6th, 8th and 10th. The number of people attending the three colleges exceeded 500.

            As the keynote speaker of the conference, Mr. Ye, the group's senior executive, opened the first door of cognition and sky for the students from the perspectives of “founder, core business and charitable character”. The human target, explained in detail the "Tianqiang" cultivation plan.
            Vivid and interesting explanations, so that all the students present have not only have a basic understanding of Zhongtian, the recognition of corporate culture, but also deepen their willingness to join Zhongtian.

            In the interactive part of the question, everyone is "professional restrictions?" “Is the future rotated according to personal wishes?” Interest-related questions such as “remuneration interval” were frequently asked questions. Mr. Ye gave detailed answers to each question. At the same time, he also put forward effective career planning and suggestions, and the live interaction atmosphere was strong.

            First, the first test

            After the presentation
            Tight arrangement and adjustment
            One-on-one initial test
            Second, retest

            Immediately afterwards, it was the re-test of the non-leading group on the next day of each station's presentation.
            In order to ensure the smooth progress of the re-examination, the evening of the presentation will be over. The staff of the interview team will organize the re-examination materials and send a re-invitation invitation notice overnight. Xiaobian really wants to give them a compliment.

            More than 200 students
            Participate in the cum big and Huanong retest
            40 minutes without leadership discussion
            The students are active in thinking and outstanding in performance.
            Strive for comprehensive display
            Get the opportunity to the end of the next step

            Third, the end

            The highly efficient school recruiting team quickly organized the end.
            On the morning of November 19th, the end was held at the Student Activity Center of South China Agricultural University. Based on the emphasis on talent introduction, group executives Zheng Tongen, Feng Yong, Ye Shaobin, Zhang Lei, Fang Meiling, Wang Wei, Li Huanqi, Liu Jingbing, etc. The strength of the interviewer team.
            Nearly 100 outstanding students participated in the final, five interview groups, each interviewer engaged in structured communication and understanding of the students in an orderly and orderly manner. It took five hours to jointly select the final list of Tianqiang.

            Tianqiang Campus, which lasts for two weeks
            Falling off the curtain
            After three passes and six interviews
            Did not kill the patience and enthusiasm of the students
            On the contrary, it highlights the beautiful pursuit of future development.
            Facing these sincere hearts
            Zhongtian has never lived up to
            Not far from the future, walking with one heart
            I hope that Zhongtian will be with you.
            Add momentum and set sail

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