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            In Zhongtian, I met the most bloody ones - Zhongtian College's new employee training report in October 2018

            Golden Autumn October
            Zhongtian ushered in a warm encounter
            a group of young people who are stunned
            In the most beautiful time
            Met the most bloody each other

            In order to help newcomers quickly integrate into the Zhongtian family, Zhongtian College organized a one-day induction training for new employees on October 31, 2018. Nearly 60 new employees from Dongguan, Shenzhen and Guangxi gathered together to experience the same day. Strategy and development, feel the culture and charm of the sky.

            Newcomer's Message

            Before the start of the training, based on the attention paid to the new employees, Ye Shaobin, the assistant to the president, shared the corporate culture of Zhongtian and encouraged everyone to leave a noisy voice, firm goals, down-to-earth, and work as a craftsman in the flashy society. Precipitate in order to achieve your goals.

            First met each other

            In the classroom, colleagues from different sections met for the first time, so they were not unfamiliar. In order to let everyone break the barrier, the host is re-divided into seven groups through the ice-breaking game. Each group of colleagues needs to introduce themselves and their members. In just 10 minutes, everyone gained a good first impression, increased mutual communication, and brought the team closer. Here, the training kicked off in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

            Into Zhongtian

            When I came to the training class, the president of the group, Chen Lizhen, as the keynote speaker, introduced the organization structure, development process and various business segments of Zhongtian in detail. The vivid teaching style combined with the interaction of the classroom made everyone deeply aware. At the same time, Zhongtian’s past and present are full of confidence in the future development of the group. The spirit of “dancing and rushing to the cause” is in the hearts of everyone.


            After a comprehensive understanding of the group's situation, the new employees' next trip is to intuitively feel the different styles of each project, and to understand its operational status and strategic prospects. During the half-day period, everyone came to the home of Yueju Home+ Youth Long-term Rental Apartment, Yinfeng Garden Hotel, Lianke International Information Industry Park, International Financial Innovation Park and Yinfeng Yiju Hotel.

            It is worth mentioning that the host has arranged a task: through on-site visits, each colleague needs to ask two questions or suggestions for the projects visited. With questions and thoughts, the partners understand the situation in more detail. Colleagues returning to work also take the initiative to introduce the project to everyone, get along with each other, have fun and love.

            The one-day training for new employees has been successfully completed. The rich arrangement and comprehensive understanding have made everyone feel the company's companionship and support. We also heard everyone's voice:

            Li Haiyan from Shenzhen Zhongjing said: During the day, I learned about the company's development history and corporate culture, and had a basic perception and understanding of the company's main business. I first met with my colleagues and made me feel that the working atmosphere and interpersonal relationship are very warm and intimate. Joining Zhongtian is a very lucky thing.

            Liu Weihao of the Group Urban Renewal Industry Center said: From now on, I have strengthened my recognition of Zhongtian and strengthened my future development direction. I hope that in the next days, I will work hard with Zhongtian. !

            The time of day is short
            But for everyone
            It’s all one departure, one time
            Autumn in October is a harvest season
            May you meet your new self in Zhongtian

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